Ready to take your real estate business to the next level? To reach your investment goals, you must be able to analyze all forms of risks in your real estate company. 
In this webinar, Nathan Trunfio, President of DLP Direct Lending Partners, demonstrates how you can mitigate three levels of risks, including:

  1. Internal risk
  2. External risk
  3. Asset/deal-level risks 

Check out the webinar here

If you don’t have time to tune into the entire webinar, here are some key points worth checking out: 

  • Intro: (0:01) DLP family of companies
  • Internal Risk: (4:18) Managing yourself and your people is one of the most important things to ensuring you stay on track with your goals. This section talks about the importance of the “right person right seat” in your company.
  • Internal Risk Continued- Setting Goals: (22:31) Two main principles that we implement for our own goal setting: 1. The DLP Elite Compass 2. Rocks
  • External Risk: (27:43) Information about researching and using data to make decisions, as well as the importance of knowing your competition.
  • Asset and Deal Level Risks: (37:22) Ways to find good deals and how to best analyze a deal.
  • Fix and Flip Analysis Tool: (45:15) How we measure the returns of a fix and flip deal.
  • Q&A: (48:30) Nathan answers questions from the audience, gives tips on hiring, and much more.

Regardless of your company’s size, it’s imperative to manage your internal risk. You need to employ team members who are  like-minded and go about their business in the same way you do. Ultimately, your people are going to define you and where you are going. 

If you’d like to know additional information on how to mitigate internal risk in your organization, or would like to learn more about specific topics covered in this webinar, please email: