Build an Elite Organization

Get more accomplished in 90 days than your competition does in a year

Accelerating Growth. Scaling Business. Infusing Culture.

Real estate masterminds vault past the competitors. This is your chance to become one of them. Become a top operator and learn how to work more efficiently and achieve more consistently with our Elite Membership. We share the secrets to success and open the pathway for you to reach your peak.

Climb Past Your Competition

Make better deals, find more capital, and accelerate your growth. Follow the Elite Execution System (EES) that has helped DLP Real Estate Capital evolve from a startup company to an organization with $800 million in assets and over $10 million in annual revenue in just ten years.

Source Better, Execute Smarter

We’ll show you how to discover better sources for deals, how to network with capital partners, and how to develop strategies and best practices that allow your company to execute quickly.

Develop Your Own Team of Elites

The key to any great company’s success lies with its people. By definining a clear corportate culture and a strong foundation of values, you’ll be able to attract rockstar employees who can solve challenges quickly and skyrocket your growth.

Partner with the Right People

Explore networking opportunities and find other aggressive, high-growth real estate operators who can present exciting partnership opportunities for your business.

Build Your Real Estate Investment Strategy

Our focus sessions will explore different avenues of real estate investments, including acquisition, fix and flip, rental, 2+1 portfolios, multi-family, new construction, and more.

More Than a Membership:
Capital to Scale, Personal Mentorship, & More

Your Elite Membership gives you exclusive access and insights, including:

  • Attendance to 3+ annual Elite Events
  • Full day 1-on-1 business strategy session with Don Wenner in St. Augustine, FL
  • Full implementation of Elite Execution System in your business including implementation sessions on-site or off site with your leadership team
  • $5,000,000 Line of Credit to scale your real estate investments

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