In this webinar, our CEO, Don Wenner, covers two of the most important topics in the world of real estate investing–deals and capital. He discusses how DLP Direct Lending Partners can be the source of capital and deals for real estate investors.

How DLP Sources Deals for Our Partners

  • Single-family Renovation Opportunities
    • We primarily acquire single-family homes directly from homeowners
    • We turn 95% of these deals over to our Line of Credit partners
    • If you have a Line of Credit and haven’t had access to these deals, reach out to your funding specialist
  • Multi-family Value-add Opportunities
    • In the past 12 months, we have acquired over 4,000 multi-family units. For over 2,000 of those properties, we were pleased to bring an operator in as our partner.
  • Cash-flowing Rental Opportunities
    • We own a portfolio of single-family, 2-50 unit multi-family homes, and 50+ unit communities that are being liquidated as we’ve repositioned our portfolio
  • DLP Realty
    • DLP Realty helps source and exit deals

Ways DLP Direct Lending Partners Provides Capital to Fund Your Deals

  • Bridge Loans
    • We can provide up to 90% of the capital
    • Closing as fast as 5 days
    • Our rates range from 8.99%- 13.99% 
    • 2-3 points
  • Line of Credit
    • The Elite Line of Credit ranges from $500,000- $20,000,000
    • Up to 90% of the capital for all your deals
    • Access to deals
    • Access to resources
    • Reduced pricing
  • Senior Preferred Equity
    • For strong and experienced operators (or great deals)
    • Up to 85% of the equity required
    • Primarily for multi-family properties
    • Currently building regional exclusive partnerships

Key Points from the Webinar:

05:44- We have access to deals that are not available anywhere else. We are able to obtain these deals through large hedge funds, from banks, and through a HUD non-profit partnership.

13:12- If you want access to deals, access to more resources, reduced pricing, and you want to have the confidence of knowing your capital is lined up for your deals, look into the Elite Line of Credit. 


Looking for a partner for your real estate investments? DLP Direct Lending Partners has the experience in flipping our own deals and funding many more. If you’re ready to explore working with a lending partner who has the experience and capital to help you fund your deals, we invite you to set-up a no-obligation discovery call.