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VP of Funding Partnerships

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Fix & Flip

Short-term rehab financing for single-family properties, with up to 85% LTC, up to 70% ARV, and rates from just 9.49%.

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New Construction

Financing for single-family and multi-family new construction, with 100% of construction costs and up to 90% of total project costs covered.

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Multi-Family Bridge

Value-add portfolio financing for institutional investors looking to acquire or reposition their multi-family investment property.

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Preferred Line of Credit

Pre-approved financing, customized to your business scaling needs. Fund up to 100% of your acquisitions at rates from just 8.99%.

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“DLP is a terrific company with strong leadership qualities and integrity. We are happy to give a five-star revue as I believe its a privilege to do business with a firm like DLP.”

–Tom P.”

What drives you to succeed? What is your “Why?”

I am driven to never quit, and to succeed at all odds because of my father. He never allowed half-hearted effort, and would not accept quitting or failure as an option.

What are your favorite hobbies and activities?

Addicted to Golf, love to do active things- biking, hiking, all sports with my family. I enjoy fixing up older German cars, have a blast jamming with my church worship band, and love to tinker in all things real estate.

Name one of your most important role models and what about them you want to emulate?

My father is certainly the most prominent role model I have. He was in no way perfect, but he drove me and my siblings to never accept failure, to never quit in the face of adversity, and to be loyal to a fault. I value the character he built in me and desire to be as consistent, as diligent, and as well remembered as he is.

How long have you been working in Lending and Real Estate?

Started in real estate the hard way…as a roofer and carpenter back in high school and college. After a short stint teaching high school, I transitioned into sales as a full time career, and moved to private lending for real estate in 2015.

What is the real estate success that you are the most proud of?

I love solving problems, my best successes are solving problems for clients. Sourcing a multi-million dollar land deal for a client, helping a client close on a highly profitable deal in less than 4 days, and crafting a ground up construction program that has generated millions of dollars of revenue for borrowers and the company.

What is the DLP Core Value that you most identify with and why?

Grit- Passion and Perseverance over time towards long term goals.

Where are you from?

Born in Bangor Maine, have lived most of my life in North East PA

Why is DLP Your Best Growth Strategy?

One-Time Underwriting

Once you’re approved, you’re always approved.

Unlimited Capital to Grow

We lend direct using our money in our accounts.

Access to the Real Decision Makers

Our CEO and President are a phone call away.

Express Loan Program

Close in 5 days or less without an appraisal.

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