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We’re passionately creating prosperity through real estate

We Are Driven for Greatness

At DLP Real Estate Lending, we don’t stop at good enough. Ours is a team of innovators, visionaries, disruptors, and leaders, driven for greatness and passionately committed to succeed both in the real estate space, as well as in life. Our values drive us to continually advance our knowledge and pursue greatness every single day. Passion for not only real estate, but excellence in all areas of life, is part of our DNA.

We're More Than a Hard Money Lender

We’re a partner in your pursuit of prosperity. Building relationships with real estate investors is a fundamental part of our business. In fact, we strive to go above and beyond what you would expect from a hard money lender—we push hard to ensure you receive the best possible service for each and every real estate investment.

Our Success Lies in Your Success

While the saying itself might be cliché, we fully believe that in order to be successful, your success must be our top priority. Our lending products are competitive, but our service is truly unmatched.

We Make Doing Business Easier

With so many considerations to make in each investment, we know that if something can be streamlined, it should be. That’s why we offer one-time underwriting, express loans, and unlimited capital to grow.

We’ve Got the Grit to Deliver

We combine the endurance to get things done and the unshakable commitment to deliver exceptional results—better known as grit. As natural visionaries, we set our sights on the long term to achieve our goals.

We Have an Invested Leadership Team

As an innovation-focused business, we don’t just talk about problems. We create solutions to drive even better results. We’re fully committed to you at every level of our business. Don’t believe us? Our CEO and President are just a phone call away.

Idea Makers
& Game Changers.

We live our passion every day. Ours is a team that knows the value of performance, and doesn’t settle for good enough. We’re focused, committed, and engaged, and in turn, we constantly strive to establish and surpass expectations.

We are the leaders. We are the idea makers. We are the game changers. We are what makes DLP Real Estate Lending.

Our Leadership Team

Don Wenner


Scott Meyers

President of DLP Lending

Robert Peterson

CFO & Partner

Barry Geroot

SVP, Chief Legal Counsel & Partner

Gary Cho

Vice President of Operations

Daniel Tucker

Vice President of Alliance Loan Servicing

Brion Yarnell

Vice President of Funding Partnerships

We are a Company of DLP Real Estate Capital

DLP Real Estate Capital is a multi-faceted company that leads and inspires the building of wealth and prosperity through the execution of innovative real estate solutions. An innovator and disruptor in the real estate space, DLP Real Estate Capital is a leader in the single and multi-family real estate sectors of brokerage, investment management, asset management, property management, construction, and private lending. The company generates consistent returns and results for its investors and partners, and gives back through the DLP Positive Returns Foundation, an organization focusing on job creation and affordable housing.

At DLP, we dream, live, and prosper.

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